About Tamworth Round Table

We are a local social group for young men (aged 18-45) called Tamworth Round Table.

There are ‘Round Table’ groups all over the world, it’s the best kept secret for young men looking for a great social life!

Round Table is a not-for-profit organisation with no religious or political leanings. All men aged 18-45 are welcome!

We meet up every other Monday and do great things. Everything from a beer and a game of pool to go-karting, zip wiring or a trip to the cinema, every meet is something different so whether you are sporty, or prefer more relaxed socialising we do it all.

We are quite a large group in Tamworth (around 20 of us) but we are actively looking for new blokes to add to our great circle of friends.

Are you interested? Drop us a message and we can meet up for a drink and a chat! We can arrange you a free night out with us! Come and join the fun and #DoMore